Full Charge Bookkeeper Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Full Charge Bookkeeper?

Full Charge Bookkeeper in Norristown:
"Find your voice and use it."
Know and own your skills. Trust your gut and be proactive. If you know your job, you are an important resource to you employer, so be confident and don't second- guess yourself. As far as the job of bookkeeping goes, accuracy comes first. Be accurate and thorough, no matter what the work load is.

Full Charge Bookkeeper in Pottstown:
"Stress doesn't help."
Having your own business has its perks but remember you are the one that receives all the glory and all the blame.

Full Charge Bookkeeper in Cleveland:
"Key Employee in a Small Business."
Pros: As long as the company is around, my job is safe. I know what is expected of me and I know that I can do everything that is asked of me at a high level.
Cons: Full charge bookkeeper is the closest title that really applies to my job. At the core, I am an accountant...but I am trusted to oversee everything this company does. Being trusted to handle every facet of business is an interesting dilemma. It is enjoyable to be respected this way, but it comes at a cost. Being the person that can handle every situation means that only the situations that are already convoluted or "out of control" are brought to your attention. Everyone else will try to cover up problems until they can not manage them anymore. So, I spend my days as a simple accountant that cleans up everyone else's mess and therefore gets most of the conflict directed to my office.

Full Charge Bookkeeper in Columbia:

Full Charge Bookkeeper in Memphis:
"I wish I knew what I was worth in the job market."
You should be very diligent in your work, always striving for perfection. Audits do happen, and when they do your work will reflect either positively or negatively on the reports that follow.

Full Charge Bookkeeper in El Cerrito:
"Just bo great!"
Accuracy is a must. Be creative and follow the procedures I wrote. Look for ways to add value and to become an indespensible part of the JWI team. Daily responsibilities involving doing it all; AR, AP, Banking and Cash Management, Account Analysis, Financial and Operational Reporting, Regular Cash Flow Management, Controller functions.

Full Charge Bookkeeper in Tigard:
"Always Learning!"
Ask questions! Always keep learning! Care about people!