Full Charge Bookkeeper Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Full Charge Bookkeeper?

Full Charge Bookkeeper in Brooklyn:
"Brooklyn Bookkeeping."
Pros: It's close to my home and family.
Cons: The client.

Full Charge Bookkeeper in Tulare:
Pros: home
Cons: nothing

Full Charge Bookkeeper in Oakland:
"Close to home."
Pros: Nice to be able to park for free
Cons: safety

Full Charge Bookkeeper in Pleasanton:
Document everything and pay close attention to the details.

Full Charge Bookkeeper in Jersey City:
"The Peacefulness of working in a quiet and focused manner."
Pros: I like working with a group of Christian Minded individuals who are willing to work for a cause. This program brings opportunities to the underprivileged students who would not have the opportunity to perform well. I like working with numbers instead of working with people. It is a lot easier and I am challenged to work with my mind rather than with my body. Every day I am learning something new about excel or account to improve my current level of growth and potential.
Cons: The urgent deadlines. I feel that sometimes they don't give us enough warning about what we need to accomplish. For example, the other day the President of the organization came in and said he needed the reports for the board meeting and I was expecting to complete it on Monday. I stayed up all night trying to finish closing the books. A lot of the employees had not completed their credit card logs. The information was not accurate enough.

Full Charge Bookkeeper in Yakima:
"Good community."
Pros: It is where my family is from.
Cons: Very small town mentality.

Full Charge Bookkeeper in Manasquan:
Pros: Easy commute - safe neighborhood.