Graphic Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Graphic Designer?

Graphic Designer in Stamford:
Pros: Working on a variety of projects.
Cons: Lack of freedom, over managed and not challenged.

Graphic Designer in Seattle:
"Work flexibility, stress level, perks, involvement."
Pros: Creative responsibilities, involvement in omnichannel, creative impact on sales, working with a creative team.
Cons: Large workload, as I am the sole in-house designer.

Graphic Designer in San Luis Obispo:
"Satisfying work material, unsatisfying pay."
Pros: The amount of creativity allowed to explore on a daily basis. Corporate culture.
Cons: Not financially recognized for my merits, hourly pay instead of salary, not paid enough, not given enough freedom to establish my own projects and manage myself. Office conditions.

Graphic Designer in New York:
Pros: Creativity.
Cons: Annoying clients.

Graphic Designer in Essex Junction:
"Graphic Designing With A Plethora Of Other Responsibilities."
Pros: I am able to work as an artist and help others create fabulous clothes for customers.
Cons: Although I work in something close to my preferred field, the technology I am asked to use is outdated and frustratingly slow. Also, my time spent on art is often pushed to the side when customers need help or when staff runs low and I am asked to do jobs that I was not hired to do.

Graphic Designer in Beaumont/Port Arthur:
"Perks Are Great."
Pros: The perks are great. Nice big office along with a new iMac, scanner, and any other accessories needed. Schedule was flexible while I was in my last semester of college. Insurance is great for employee only, but with children it is very costly. Very relaxing, not stressful at all. Small company so we all feel like family to one another. I get to keep a copy of all publications that I designed. Very casual environment, and very comfortable.
Cons: I feel as if the job title of Graphic Designer is slowly disappearing in society. Everything I learned in school can be learned through tutorials online. Business majors from the same university are learning website design. I feel that now, unlike a few years ago, Graphic Designers must have other backgrounds, such as a minor in Business, Management Information Systems, or something completely opposite from their major. Insurance for one child costs more than my mortgage.

Graphic Designer in Spokane:
Pros: I like that I get to pursue different types of projects when they arise, not only graphic design specific.
Cons: Compensation, management decisions.