Graphic Designer Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Graphic Designer?

Graphic Designer in San Diego:
"Learn the lingo and jargon for an in-house position."
There was an incredible amount of technical and contextual lingo and jargon that I had to learn for my current in-house position. The art and design necessary to be the Graphic Designer was the same as anywhere else, but not knowing the lingo was a distraction. Looking back, I should have asked ahead of time for some sort of lexicon to help me transition a little easier. It's great now, feeling comfortable with the lingo and technical terms of this company.

Graphic Designer in Oshkosh:
Pros: Creative freedom.
Cons: Perception of my job.

Graphic Designer in San Salvador:
Pros: How creative and artistic I can be.
Cons: Working for a client, ldealing with a client, the stress.

Graphic Designer in Buffalo:
Pros: Flex time, low stress level, good manager.
Cons: Can't work from home, unchallenging.

Graphic Designer in Charlotte:
"Work Flexibility and Creative Freedom."

Graphic Designer in Tucson:
Pros: Being able to be creative. Leave half day early if need to and get paid for it. Paid vacation and holidays. Nice building I get to work in. I've become a great designer working there. I've learned a lot of new skills there.
Cons: Too much overtime needed. Feel underpaid. Stressful. Short deadlines. More production work than design work. Shorthanded.

Graphic Designer in Houston:
"Challenging but rewarding."
Pros: Flexible hours and friendly staff.
Cons: Business in the Oil and Gas industry has slowed down significantly.