Home Health Aide Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Home Health Aide?

Home Health Aide in witchita:
"Length of employment."
Make sure compensation is fair.

Home Health Aide in Dallas:
Give it all you got.

Home Health Aide in St. Louis:
"Research other jobs First not a good paying job."
When you look for pennies you find pennies, when you go for dollars you make dollars. Get paid for what your worth!

Home Health Aide in New York:
"Home care aide."
Pros: Stress free, less commute time. Steady work.
Cons: Less flexibility, dirty conditions.

Home Health Aide in Vero Beach:
"Extremely gratifying to have helping hands."
Pros: Being needed and not just wanted in the lives of those who I help.
Cons: Low pay rate.

Home Health Aide in Gastonia:
"Work flexibility."
Pros: Making a client happy.
Cons: Going into dirty houses.

Home Health Aide in Rome:
"Taking care of elderly and their home."
Pros: I like the responsibility of passing out my resident's medication. I like talking to them and seeing their smiles everyday. I like knowing that they enjoy having me take care of them and their homes. I also like that they trust me with everything.
Cons: There are workers there that do not do their job so I would have to do it for them. My boss has called me into his office a few times complaining that I do not do my job right and that I am always on my cell phone; which is not true for me but is very true for other workers and they never got in trouble for it. I do my job the way it needs to be done, I get everything done that needs to be; I provide very good care to my residents and if anyone asked any of those residents, they would tell them how great of a worker I am and how much they like/trust me over others. I get picked on a lot even though I am doing what I am supposed to do. I don't like that after 4 1/2 years of working there, I only got a raise of $3.00/hr, especially because of how hard I work.