Home Health Aide Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Home Health Aide?

Home Health Aide in Ashland:
Pros: Talking to the elderlyi
Cons: Cleaning up poop

Home Health Aide in Chicago:
"I wish I would have receive a training certificate."
When applying for these positions as Home Health Aide I would like to advise my colleague to , have some kind of knowledge and certificate with hands on training and life experiences, this will allow for your job to be easier, when knowledgeable about articulating the knowledge you've learn over your course and experiences. Also this has to be a job that you like during. Your patients require a lot of patience and nurturing, lots of communicating learning their behaviors, good and bad are you gonna be to articulate body languages as well as ethicnity, food barriers and so forth.

Home Health Aide in Killeen:
"The pros and cons of working in Killen, Texas."
Pros: What I like most about working in killeen is the distance. It's not to far and not so much wear and tear on my vehicle.
Cons: The least thing I like is there is not many jobs and the pay could be a lot moe than what it is, especially for experienced people.

Home Health Aide in Chicago:
" "
Pros: I enjoy helping others I as satisfied that st the end of the day I have helped people who truly need and appreciate my service.
Cons: The pay I have been there eleven years I only get paid 11.14.

Home Health Aide in Liverpool:
"Why they don't train us to achieve CNA."
You must love your work! Know that elderly persons really appreciate the things you do for them, no matter how small.

Home Health Aide in Washington:
Pros: Time to do schoolwork.
Cons: The pay.

Home Health Aide in westspringfield:
"OK , hours aren't the greatest."
Pros: Staff is friendly, safe environment , well organized.
Cons: I don't like the hours nor do I like the pay.