Home Health Aide Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Home Health Aide?

Home Health Aide in Chicago, Illinois:
"Working in Chicago is Great."
Pros: Public transport and beautiful place see.
Cons: Trash on the street.

Home Health Aide in Dallas, Texas:
"Lots of job opportunities."
Pros: Variety
Cons: Traffic

Home Health Aide in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
"Fast and furious."
Pros: Easy access
Cons: Over saturation

Home Health Aide in Buffalo, New York:
"It's tough."
Pros: I like my company I work for but not my client to much bs
Cons: My client is a lier and he should not be able to attend this program

Home Health Aide in Cullman, Alabama:
"Inconsiderate Unsympathetic Place to Work."
Pros: No traffic, convenient to home
Cons: Office is in Cullman work outside of Cullman, AL