Human Resources (HR) Administrator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Human Resources (HR) Administrator?

Human Resources (HR) Administrator in Fall River:
Pros: Flexible schedules, casual dress and work environment, xmas bonuses, company events, owners work in the same building and personal relationships, family environment, paid time off, paid holidays,
Cons: A bit stressful, policies are not enforced, have to chase management/HR for reviews and raises, they do not appreciate their top employees, no employee ranking, cheap with salary, friendly owners.

Human Resources (HR) Administrator in Johannesburg:
Pros: Working with and helping people with any employment issues.
Cons: Having to hold a disciplinary hearing for employees and telling them that they are fired.

Human Resources (HR) Administrator in Rochester:
Pros: I love the atmosphere and my co-workers.
Cons: The pay.

Human Resources (HR) Administrator in Nashville:
"Corporate Culture."
Pros: Stability.
Cons: Analytical and predictable.

Human Resources (HR) Administrator in San Jose:
Pros: I enjoy being able to help and encourage employees to stay happy in their current positions as well as encouraging them to the next level. Working with the California VP and the Account Manager to attain more employee retention.
Cons: I am by myself in company is based out of Illinois. I am constantly throwing out ideas and needs without much feedback. I have to communicate many times.

Human Resources (HR) Administrator in Sacramento:
Pros: Gets to handle a lot of projects and incidents.
Cons: Too much recruiting due to company's turn over rate.

Human Resources (HR) Administrator in Brunswick:
Pros: I love helping employees and always being there for them whether it is questions pertaining to payroll, benefits, or personal.
Cons: I like everything about my job except of course certain tasks that no one really cares to do.