Human Resources (HR) Administrator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Human Resources (HR) Administrator?

Human Resources (HR) Administrator in Fort Worth:
"Construction on freeways is really bad and it creates a very negative commute."
Pros: My culture; Hispanic/Latino
Cons: All the construction in the freeways

Human Resources (HR) Administrator in Shawnee:
"Shawnee Culture."
Pros: Close to home, easy to get to local highways.
Cons: Not many places nearby for lunch.

Human Resources (HR) Administrator in Laurel:
"I like."
Pros: Hours
Cons: Atmosphere Not feeling like I'm important

Human Resources (HR) Administrator in Chicago:
Pros: Great people, culture of the city, everything needed is located close.
Cons: Weather, politicians.

Human Resources (HR) Administrator in New York:
"Take the good with the bad."
Pros: I like the small, close knit, family-like operation. We celebrate with and for one another and genuinely care about each others wellness. Their is a major work flexibility perk where lateness and time off is usually understood instead of reprimanded.
Cons: I do not like that upper management is not willing to properly address managers on their ethics and overall performance. The stress level of everyone is usually high because the ones who wear the most hats and perform multiple job functions are the ones who get recognized. Administration such as IT, HR, and Accounting as seen as a low-paid liability. The culture is very old fashioned and does not welcome change.

Human Resources (HR) Administrator in San Mateo:
"I only wish I had started college earlier."
Stick to detail and verify for accuracy and keep information up to date.

Human Resources (HR) Administrator in Saint George:
"It's beautiful, however, pay is relatively low."
Pros: The area.
Cons: The pay.