Human Resources (HR) Director Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Human Resources (HR) Director?

Human Resources (HR) Director in Dallas:
New to HR ? Expect the unexpected. Know that you people will always surprise you. Be open minded. You are HR to assist your people and your company. Compassion and facts are your friends not always easy companions. HR - I love what I do !

Human Resources (HR) Director in Modesto:
"Innovative thought leader the finds solutions for complex."
Research your organization and interview multiple times to look for a culture fit.

Human Resources (HR) Director in Murray:
"Federal Compliance, Employee Relations."
To know all federal compliance guidelines & reporting. ERISA 401k, ERISA Health Benefit notifications. ACA reporting, form 1095c & 1094c, DOL regulations. FSLA compliant.

Human Resources (HR) Director in Foster City:
"Never stop learning."
Block time each week to read the email updates and HR magazines you received to keep on top of the laws and best practices.

Human Resources (HR) Director in Philadelphia:
"How stressful it would be."
One day at a time.

Human Resources (HR) Director in Dallas:
"Employment Law."
Need to be well versed in strategic planning and employment law.

Human Resources (HR) Director in Farmingdale:
"Servant Leadership."
Stay close to the business. Pay attention to the culture. Do as much as you can to remove HR obstacles and bureaucracy from managers and employees. Make sure that your HRIS system works for the business, not the other way around. Lead by serving, not by imposing directives.