Laborer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Laborer?

Laborer in Dallas:
"Hard worker."
Pros: Know the city very well.
Cons: Traffic in the morning.

Laborer in Conyers:
"The atmosphere is good, but we travel to different job sites."
Pros: It is a very convenient area and not far from where I live.
Cons: Sometimes the traffic can be pretty heavy, being close to Atlanta.

Laborer in all over:
Pros: We have a 20 and 23 year olds th hat help us out.They can do heavy lifting and things I cant. Do as good.Like taking wheel barrows of mulch and rock up hills or long distances.They make things easier and let m e catch my breath.Also we drive from job to job.Sometimes long distances.Like state to state.Which I dont mind driving.Or riding.
Cons: Very physical.We mow lawns, Rake leaves.plant trees, aerate lawns do fall and spring cleanup.Lay sod and mulch.Put up signs.Paint, build things like decks.And seal them.We also bushwack weeds and high grass etc.

Laborer in Cordele:
"Hard work."
Pros: Helping people using my hands and what I learned.
Cons: Heat Cold rain overall bad weather.

Laborer in Tacoma:
Pros: The scenery, good food, close to everything.
Cons: Roads, homeless and drugged people everywhere, people drive rudely, smells horrible around port.

Laborer in Drexel Hill:
Pros: You get to take something apart and make it into something new.
Cons: The money.

Laborer in Murray:
"Under paid."
Pros: I like making stuff and seeing it in completion. I like fixing things other people find complicated.
Cons: Boss not wanting to work.