Legal Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Legal Assistant?

Legal Assistant in Tulsa:
"Legal Assistant Job."
Pros: The commute isn't bad.
Cons: Lots of construction currently happening.

Legal Assistant in Vancouver:
"We do good work helping vulnerable elderly people."
Pros: That the hours are flexible and that we do good work helping elderly people who are being exploited or who have had family not offer them much needed assistance.
Cons: Bad communication between my boss and I and sometimes the work comes a lot at a time or slowly, never in between. Very unpredictable.

Legal Assistant in Waco:
Utilizing all research material relating to your position along with latest Legislature laws.

Legal Assistant in Seattle:
You can learn every day on the job, even if you have been at it for years, you never stop learning.

Legal Assistant in San Antonio:
"Benefits, repetitive, paid vacation."
Pros: Organizing, completing a task, learning.
Cons: Stress levels, office politics, drama.

Legal Assistant in San Diego:
"Pay and Cost of Living don't correlate."
Pros: The weather, small town feel in a major city. Beautiful beaches and delicious Mexican food and great Brewery's.
Cons: Traffic is getting as bad as Los Angeles, salary dose not match the cost of living. Becoming very expensive to live in San Diego.

Legal Assistant in Orlando:
Pros: There are a lot of events to go to.
Cons: I do not like the traffic.