Legal Secretary Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Legal Secretary?

Legal Secretary in Chicago:
Make sure you can multi-task, always proofread your work and always be willing to assist others.

Legal Secretary in Minnetonka:
"Work flexibility."
Pros: People, learning.
Cons: No room for advancement, boring, micromanagement.

Legal Secretary in Philadelphia:
The most important thing to do in this field is to be organized and follow up on everything.

Legal Secretary in Plaistow:
"That pay raises would end and more duties would be added."
Check, check and double check your work.

Legal Secretary in Glen Cove:
"Legal Research."
An attorney looks for a bright, organized well rounded individual.

Legal Secretary in Boston:
"Working as an Estate Planning Legal Secretary."
There is a bundle of information to learn with Estate Planning. There are numerous documents, various types of trust documents, various types of Wills depending on the individual's assets, and many other documents. It is an area that is interesting to learn if you have no idea, such as myself, of planning ahead your future or for your elderly parents. I'm not so sure if much money is to be made in this field. I had worked in litigation for most of my years. I am hoping to get an increase.

Legal Secretary in Nanuet:
"Searching for a rewarding, exciting and challenging career."
Pros: I work independently, my boss does not bother me. I work at my own pace and everyone mainly works on there own.
Cons: I would like to do and learn more about law. My job does not reward me nor do I have any benefits nor room for growth.