Legal Secretary Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Legal Secretary?

Legal Secretary in Bakersfield:
Paying attention to details.

Legal Secretary in Brick:
"How much more responsibilities I would need to take on."
Ask a lot of questions when you interview. Get thorough job description. A good question to ask is; how long have your other secretaries been on the job. I've been known to start a job and discover that I am the 4th or 5th person hired for that position within the year. Bad sign - red flag. Most likely a very difficult lawyer and/or office issues.

Legal Secretary in Chicago:
"Change careers."
There is no room for advancement.

Legal Secretary in Laurie:
"Legal Secretary."
Pros: Work Flexibility, Office Conditions are great and relaxed. The work is different every day.
Cons: I don't get paid enough for the amount of work I do on a daily basis.

Legal Secretary in Downey:
"The works of being a legal secretary."
Pros: No thing. I do everything.
Cons: Running errands to the court.

Legal Secretary in Atlanta:
Learn as much as you can re: the courts and their filing requirements.

Legal Secretary in New London:
"Stressful and overworked."
You won't become rich doing it. Real estate practices fluctuate too much, so choose another form of legal work.