Legal Secretary Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Legal Secretary?

Legal Secretary in Hanover:
"How demanding it is."
The more responsibility you take the more you learn.

Legal Secretary in Lynchburg:
"Training as a Paralegal."
Get as much training as possible, which wasn't really available to me starting out. I learned on the job.

Legal Secretary in New Bedford:
"Read and Research."
Read and research cases as much as you can.

Legal Secretary in Paterson:
Don't be bullied by your employer and take more days off, you deserve it. Work hard, but know your limits.

Legal Secretary in Atlanta:
"Wish I knew how time consuming doing billing can be."
Regular responsibilities and billing responsibilities are very time consuming at a very small firm.

Legal Secretary in Miami:
"After 100 years who cares."
Take it one day at time, do your best to become that special person all attorneys rely on and learn your job to best of your ability.

Legal Secretary in Encino:
"Litigation work."
Pros: I like its challenges. It prepares you for what comes next.
Cons: The least I like is the deadlines.