Maintenance Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Maintenance Manager?

Maintenance Manager in Grand Rapids:
"Learn a second language."
Learn a second language to better understand the problems that are occurring with the non English speaking employees.

Maintenance Manager in Austin:
"Great Worker."
Pros: People.
Cons: No uniforms supplied and hours time.

Maintenance Manager in Ohio:
"Hours worked."
Make sure you know the hours you will be working and weekends with no overtime.

Maintenance Manager in Philadelphia:
"Always keep things in perspective."
Keep the big picture in mind in every task you do and every task you assign to your subordinates.

Maintenance Manager in Cortland:
"More office time than expected."
Take all supervisory training available.

Maintenance Manager in Waterford:
Find another job.

Maintenance Manager in Covina:
Pros: Don't have to commute.
Cons: That I do lots of work, and have to deal with tenants for very little money.