Maintenance Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Maintenance Manager?

Maintenance Manager in Colorado Springs:
"The management."
Pros: Everything.
Cons: Long hours.

Maintenance Manager in Anchorage:
"Everyday learning."
Pros: Positive interactions with clients and coworkers, opportunities to learn and grow personally and professionally.
Cons: Bureaucracy in the corporate structure.

Maintenance Manager in Elmwood Park:
"Fulfilling and enjoy making a differance."
Pros: Close to home.

Maintenance Manager in Marietta:
"Without maintenance there is no mission."
Listen to all advise, take advantage of any courses offered, all ways seek knowledge that will help you advance and be more proficient and productive, safety first, be organized.

Maintenance Manager in Cottonwood:
Pros: The people are great and the ample vacation time helps manage stress.
Cons: Our pay scale is not based on our productivity or how much we get done. You only get raises based off of longevity. I started as a Plant Operator and have been promoted to Maintenance Manager, Safety Officer, along with keeping my HVAC duties. I have more and more added to my plate with zero compensation for any of it. I still am payed a rate of a plant operator but doing the job of a director. I lowered our operating budget by 9% last year with the goal of 4%. We saved the hospital over $250,000 in the last four years by using our skilled labor for in-house projects.

Maintenance Manager in Conroe:
Pros: The overall feel of the community.
Cons: The slow pace in the winter months.

Maintenance Manager in Ontario:
"Manage priorities."
Assess your people. Develop them. Coach them.