Marketing Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Marketing Coordinator?

Marketing Coordinator in Richmond:
"Marketing Woes and Woahs."
Pros: I enjoy the range of responsibilities and the opportunity to grow my skills in multiple areas of marketing.
Cons: The evident 'hierarchy' at the company.

Marketing Coordinator in Findlay:
Pros: Marketing consists of some many different things for both outside the company and internally. I enjoy event planning, creative thinking, and that my days are not boring. We do a lot of 'behind-the-scenes' work and help push out new information, so we have the perks of learning information ahead of general staff and being the facilitators of how the information is presented.
Cons: It can become stressful trying to balance everything from our weekly calendar to facilitating lunch and materials for sales training, or following up on sponsorship requests to sending marketing flyers out to the sales staff at each location. Also that everyone looks to you and your department for the best materials, information, and resources to make a sale which then sometimes turns into me becoming the sales person for them.

Marketing Coordinator in Chattanooga:
"Great Perks very Low Pay."
Pros: I am able to network and meet a lot of people in my field. I have gained more knowledge of marketing in a field I never thought I would go into. It is challenging and keeps me on my toes. I have learned a lot and continue learning as I go.
Cons: The accountability of people who do not do their jobs correctly. The sometimes overly lax environment. I am seriously underpaid for the amount of work I do. Sometimes since I have no one in a high position to go to I am left to fend for myself a lot of times.

Marketing Coordinator in Houston:
"Gaining Excellent experience."
Pros: I like how much responsibility I am given and that I am learning about all aspects of marketing.
Cons: Upper management is very stressful and demanding.

Marketing Coordinator in Dallas:
"Marketing Coordinator."
Pros: Flexible working hours. Always something new to do each week along with a regular schedule.
Cons: A lot of contact with customers. A lot of e-mailing people I do not know.

Marketing Coordinator in Sacramento:
"Extremely Fun!"
Pros: I enjoy editing and creating content within different facets for different audiences.
Cons: My pay is less than the average for someone in my position.

Marketing Coordinator in Steamboat Springs:
"Customer Service Manager/Marketing Coordinator."
Pros: It's fun, strategic, and challenging to advertise trash service.
Cons: I got hired as customer service and have since then been promoted to the customer service manager/marketing coordinator. My responsibilities increased substantially and my pay never changed.