Marketing Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Marketing Coordinator?

Marketing Coordinator in Denver:
"Bad Culture, Good Management Experience."
Pros: Lots of responsibility, opportunity to travel, good benefits.
Cons: Poor company culture, bad management.

Marketing Coordinator in Columbus:
"Good experience."
Pros: What I enjoy most about my job is critical thinking, and business development.
Cons: I least enjoy working for someone who is unreasonable, arrogant, and unwilling to pay for the proper amount owed.

Marketing Coordinator in Tampa:
"Marketing Position."
Pros: Corporate culture, office conditions, perks, variety in daily.

Marketing Coordinator in Panama City:
Pros: I get paid. They have anniversary lunches, there are free drinks in the break room, the building is nice. My department co-workers are nice.
Cons: No formal training (you have to read online or beg for help), if you make a mistake you get in trouble. No time off unless you use your paid time off. Your manager is only online.

Marketing Coordinator in Hermosa Beach:
"Annual Review."
Pros: The challenge and consistent learning.
Cons: The stress and the trust of my boss.

Marketing Coordinator in Las Vegas:
"Great team who moves at a fast pace."
Pros: The People.
Cons: Taking people's money.

Marketing Coordinator in Phoenix:
Pros: Paid time off, insurance, sales incentives.
Cons: Am not recognized or rewarded for major accomplishments.