Marketing Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Marketing Coordinator?

Marketing Coordinator in Houston:
"Gaining Excellent experience."
Pros: I like how much responsibility I am given and that I am learning about all aspects of marketing.
Cons: Upper management is very stressful and demanding.

Marketing Coordinator in Dallas:
"Marketing Coordinator."
Pros: Flexible working hours. Always something new to do each week along with a regular schedule.
Cons: A lot of contact with customers. A lot of e-mailing people I do not know.

Marketing Coordinator in Sacramento:
"Extremely Fun!"
Pros: I enjoy editing and creating content within different facets for different audiences.
Cons: My pay is less than the average for someone in my position.

Marketing Coordinator in Steamboat Springs:
"Customer Service Manager/Marketing Coordinator."
Pros: It's fun, strategic, and challenging to advertise trash service.
Cons: I got hired as customer service and have since then been promoted to the customer service manager/marketing coordinator. My responsibilities increased substantially and my pay never changed.

Marketing Coordinator in Marina Del Rey:
Pros: The appreciation I receive.
Cons: Diva agents.

Marketing Coordinator in Lewisville:
Pros: Very Versatile but very stressful at times.
Cons: The stress.

Marketing Coordinator in Washington:
"Crazy Chaotic World of Real Estate."
Pros: Mentorship from experienced manager. Learning about an entirely new industry. Never boring and it is good to know that my opinion is valued even though I am new.
Cons: Can be very chaotic and the marketing direction changes from one week to the next.