Marketing Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Marketing Coordinator?

Marketing Coordinator in Silverton:
"Learn About Networking."
Pros: I enjoy the flexibility of my office if I have an emergency at home as well as the casual atmosphere of a small office. Since I live in Silverton I have the convenience of being 10 minutes from work. There is a chance to meet and network in Marketing which is great and allows me to use my people skills and explore new environments and companies.
Cons: Tension and drama of being in a small office, constraints and cuts, indecisiveness in management regarding direction.

Marketing Coordinator in 89502:
"Casino Marketing Coordinator."
Pros: The experience, people, management, the knowledge of learning.
Cons: Underpaid, overlooked, communication can be improved.

Marketing Coordinator in San Juan Capistrano:
Pros: Research and writing, creative, photography.
Cons: Social media marketing, data entry, marketing, press releases.

Marketing Coordinator in Pittsburgh:
"The Day-To-Day."
Pros: There is no normal day. Everyday is new and fast-paced. I am always being challenged with new projects and deadlines. I also love working in fashion, it has always been my dream.
Cons: The deadlines can get too tight if decisions aren't finalized which can't make for long hours during busy months, but there is no overtime pay. When promotions keep changing it can be hard to get ahead in your work.

Marketing Coordinator in Greenville:
Pros: I enjoy the variety my job requires such as graphic design, CMS management (back end of website), social media, and event planning. Specific to my organization, I really enjoy the social aspect of marketing our region and working closely with government officials and high-ranking business people. The environment is relaxed but serious about business. Flexible environment to get a haircut, go to the doctor, etc during work hours. There are many perks to this job that involve being invited to important events and networking.
Cons: This job occasionally requires long hours and because we are a non-profit, I believe the compensation is lower than a private company's employee would receive. The dress standard is also high.

Marketing Coordinator in Coarsegold:
Pros: Fast paced work environment, creating and implementation of new branding campaigns.
Cons: Company's Tribal Preference Policy.

Marketing Coordinator in Darien:
Pros: Flex time.
Cons: The field and the commute.