Marketing Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Marketing Coordinator?

Marketing Coordinator in Auburn:
Pros: Excellent team that works very well together. Excellent opportunities to learn new skills and grow into new positions. I am able to have a flexible schedule when needed, even working from home in bad weather. I am able to work in the office and have meetings outside of the office. My boss encourages community involvement. As a result, I have had the chance to be on local planning committees.
Cons: Corporate culture is still being defined and has lots of room for growth. Our team is trying largely to improve this area but the buy-in process is long and difficult. I have been on a freeze for a raise now for 5 years and my attempts to get a promotion have largely been thwarted by a jealous employee who is also related to the owner. I have been promised bonus's and Employee Education Reimbursement with out any follow through.

Marketing Coordinator in Rochester:
Pros: Excellent people in this office.
Cons: Underemployed. Not enough challenging work or collaboration.

Marketing Coordinator in Jacksonville:
"Perfect Job."
Pros: I love working as a marketing coordinator. I am able to utilize my college degree as well as learn more about sales and marketing. I have also been given creative liberty with events and promotions. I am a people person so this is a huge part of my job that fits my personality.
Cons: Making sales calls on lost and closed leads.

Marketing Coordinator in Folsom:
Pros: I love event planning, Social Media, Updating Websites, working on the School Program, Email Marketing.
Cons: The stress that I am under without the pay that I deserve.

Marketing Coordinator in Dallas:
"Varied Work."
Pros: Lots of varied work, requires plenty of flexibility.
Cons: Can often require ample overtime work and 24/7 availability.

Marketing Coordinator in Silverton:
"Learn About Networking."
Pros: I enjoy the flexibility of my office if I have an emergency at home as well as the casual atmosphere of a small office. Since I live in Silverton I have the convenience of being 10 minutes from work. There is a chance to meet and network in Marketing which is great and allows me to use my people skills and explore new environments and companies.
Cons: Tension and drama of being in a small office, constraints and cuts, indecisiveness in management regarding direction.

Marketing Coordinator in 89502:
"Casino Marketing Coordinator."
Pros: The experience, people, management, the knowledge of learning.
Cons: Underpaid, overlooked, communication can be improved.