Office Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Office Coordinator?

Office Coordinator in Austin:
"You have to have your own drive."
Pros: I love that there is an overall want for more and for the company to be better than it is.
Cons: I don't like office culture. There are a lot of "you can't sit with us" vibes.

Office Coordinator in Seattle:
"Days FLY by... It's busy."
Pros: My coworkers work hard and and I enjoy supporting them and the operation.
Cons: The varying payscale within the same job description is out of whack.

Office Coordinator in Los Angeles:
Pros: My coworkers
Cons: the financial decision making

Office Coordinator in Warm Springs:
"This department is very busy, highly stressful at times but the job is very satisfying overall."
Pros: That the duties I perform are done for the greater good of my tribe.
Cons: The pay scale our tribe adhere's to is below the national average pay scale.

Office Coordinator in Clinton Township:
"I love it because it’s close to home."
Pros: Close drive not always stuck in traffic
Cons: The pay isn’t great