Office Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Office Manager?

Office Manager in Seminole:
"Great owner, client experience and atmosphere."
Pros: The owner is caring, orifessional, innovative and a true inspiration.
Cons: Doing too many things at ine time. Strugglung to do jobs im not trained in.

Office Manager in Evans:
Pros: Pay, mentoring employees, marketing.
Cons: Demanding, high expectations.

Office Manager in Lawton:
Pros: Flexible scheduling and ability to request time off.
Cons: High work load. Extreme stress. Working day and night and from home.

Office Manager in Providence:
"Stress Level."
Pros: Creating and Improving office policies to improve workflow, company standards and workflow. Creating new EMR database/
Cons: Misunderstanding of what my position is and being required to make decisions that affect the company without adequate pay.

Office Manager in Reston:
"Great place to work, if you're in it for the right reasons.."
Pros: I love my coworkers. We are very much so a family that looks out for its own. The owner of the practice does his best to maintain an honest, ethical business. Working with animals and other animal lovers has been very personally rewarding.
Cons: Overworked and underpaid. At times, expectations of employees are unrealistic. I constantly pick up the slack of others and go well beyond my job role to help the owner. This is a common theme here. Most everyone is expected to pick up additional responsibilities/projects that are outside the perimeters of their job description and without additional compensation.

Office Manager in Belvidere:
"Love it!"
Pros: Everything! People are great, busy all the time, new projects.
Cons: Pay scale, not being able to make ends meet with my salary.

Office Manager in Buford:
Pros: Expand my knowledge in the industry.
Cons: The stress and responsibility that it conveys. You are responsible in making and help make the best decision for the company and employees.