Office Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Office Manager?

Office Manager in Erie:
"Church Worker."
Pros: The quiet atmosphere, the people in general a very nice, a very nice environment to work in.
Cons: The compensation.

Office Manager in Morristown:
Pros: I get to help others reach their career goals.
Cons: Unorganized.

Office Manager in Suwanee:
"Freedom To Learn."
Pros: The Accounting and Management experience and different skill sets I am learning.
Cons: Underpaid and undertrained, no guidance.

Office Manager in Hales Corners:
Pros: Flexible, laid back environment.
Cons: My manager.

Office Manager in Buffalo:
Pros: The people I work with, the patients, medical field.

Office Manager in Plainfield:
Pros: What I like most about my current job is the set schedule....
Cons: What I like least about my job is the lack of appreciation.

Office Manager in Plattsburgh:
"Good hours, office conditions, type of work is good."