Patient Registrar Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Patient Registrar?

Patient Registrar in Colorado Springs:
"The weather is great."
Pros: With the weather being great most of the time it is great to live here.
Cons: Commute is somewhat congestive and more people are moving here fast.

Patient Registrar in Lincoln:
"Open 24/7."
Remember that a hospital is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You must work as a team, with a team.

Patient Registrar in Redding:
"Non stressful."
Pros: I really like the patients and that I get to be the first contact to help them. The job is low stress but can get a little crazy every once in a while. My coworkers are great and everyone is nice.
Cons: The pay isn't what it should be for the work you do.

Patient Registrar in Tampa:
"Patient registrar, making invoices for billing department."
Pros: I don't have to attend directly to patients, I don't have to answer phones call.
Cons: There's a hundreds of patients that I have to get into the system.