Payroll Administrator Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Payroll Administrator?

Payroll Administrator in Eugene:
When applying for a job, and you get the job, make sure you have negotiated all the items you want to have in the hire package. Be sure to get in writing.

Payroll Administrator in Spring:
"Spring Highlights."
Pros: Smaller community, I live close to office, traffic/commute is low, cost of living is average, food choices are growing daily.
Cons: Area is growing rapidly, traffic is getting worse, large corporations are moving to this area.

Payroll Administrator in Greenville:
Attend training.

Payroll Administrator in Walnut:
"Stay on top of problems, answer e-mails and voice mails."
Organize your process ASAP. Tweak as you become familiar with workplace culture. Create short cuts, streamline processes, actively engage supervisors/managers.

Payroll Administrator in Loudon:
"Positive attitudes can help you get to the top."
The stress level can be high, but just take one task at a time. Do the best you can at each task. Work diligently to do every step as accurate as possible. Also, keep in mind that no one is perfect and mistakes are going to happen. Always think a problem through and when a mistake happens, try to provide a way that will help to prevent the problem. A positive attitude is very beneficial. Try to learn from the positive and most accurate person in your atmosphere.

Payroll Administrator in Atlanta:
Pros: The Data Entry.
Cons: The Corporate Politics.

Payroll Administrator in Baltimore:
"Stress Level."
There can be a lot of stress in payroll especially if you are a one person department. I prepare four payrolls in several states and three provinces in Canada. I must keep abreast of state laws including California and New York as well as Provincial and Federal law in Canada.