Payroll Specialist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Payroll Specialist?

Payroll Specialist in Atlanta:
"I don't like driving to Atlanta daily."
Pros: More income potential in Atlanta, GA.
Cons: Driving 70 miles one way.

Payroll Specialist in Salt Lake City:
Pros: New changes happen all the time and so you have to learn new things.
Cons: Lack of professionalism.

Payroll Specialist in Omaha:
Know what you're worth before you go into the interview and know the benefits you want.

Payroll Specialist in Greenwood:
Make sure you are getting the appreciation you deserve for the work you do. I work hard at what I do and go above and beyond. Sometimes a pat on the back is just not enough to keep me wanting to do more for this company.

Payroll Specialist in Lynchburg:
"90 Miles and Hour."
Research, learn, stay up-to-date, be open to new ideas. Always look to find what is best for the company and yourself.

Payroll Specialist in Philadelphia:
"Questions I should Have Asked."
Always ask if there is room for advancement; if your direct manager has an payroll background; if having the CPP certification is required; what training opportunities are available; is there freedom for process improvements. I want to turn this position into my dream job.

Payroll Specialist in Los Angeles:
"Adecuate ADP training,"
Meet deadlines is very important, maintain accurate records to provide employees answers on a timely manner.