President Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a President?

President in Watertown:
"Nice in the summer."
Pros: small but lots of oportunity
Cons: x

President in Greensboro:
"Great place to live and work."
Pros: Small town with big city options.
Cons: Not near a large body of water

President in Washington:
"High Stress but Highly Productive."
Pros: The content of my work
Cons: Commuting

It is a great company that is clear about what it wants to achieve. The leadership team is growing and developing in its ability to consistently execute toward its objectives. Most importantly, the people at Healthkeeperz truly care for each other.

President in Salt Lake City:
Pros: Safety, Culture, Weather.
Cons: N/A

President in Atlanta:
"Nothing is free."
Short term profit is an illusion. The long term satisfaction of the people you mentor is the greatest reward.

President in Clinton:
"Nice place."
Pros: Small town environment which is close to friends and family.
Cons: The winters are too cold and long.