President Advice

Q: What is it like working as a President?

President in New York:
"Can make the world more beautiful."
Keep the peace and overcome all problems with the negotiations and then decide something with careful consideration so there is no big risk that makes a loss for both yourself and others who are innocent.

President in Superior:
"Lots of drive."
Pros: Good people and firms that know quality.
Cons: Weather, workforce, tight margins.

President in Houston:
"Be tough but but fair and think critically."
Lean your market and learn your competitors. Hire good people, train them properly, and let them do their jobs. Evaluate quality, business trends and listen to your customer. Don't be afraid to invest in talent employees, and go after sales (travel, trade shows etc.).

President in Riverton:
"Dishonest customers."
Get significant down payments from customers.

President in Searcy:
Pros: I work with passionate world changers. Our board, administration, faculty, staff, volunteers, and students help reduce incarceration with every credit hour.
Cons: I hate that we're small enough to be dependent on a single client for our hosting and accessories to our prison inmate students.

President in Silverton:
"Established well known business owner achieves success."
Pros: The small town community culture.
Cons: Nothing.

President in Detroit:
"Mark Proposal."
Pros: Cost of living.
Cons: Lack of a vibrant big city.