Retail Sales Associate Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Retail Sales Associate?

Retail Sales Associate in Lancaster:
Pros: Everything. Cash register. Customer service.
Cons: The pay. Very physical Job. No benefits.

Retail Sales Associate in Stamford:
Pros: I could come to work and enjoy my day. Do the best that I could and help others.
Cons: Not being able to give my all. Some days I wanted to give to setup my visuals the way I wanted to but couldn't.

Retail Sales Associate in Indianapolis:
Pros: Flexible schedule. Inside Job. Easy.
Cons: Long hours. Dangerous. Stressing. Patience.

Retail Sales Associate in Bellevue:
"Sales associate responsibilities."
Pros: I enjoyed helping women choose clothing which best suited each individual. Many women needed someone to choose clothing for them as they weren't aware of what looked best on them. Most were very appreciative and kind.
Cons: Women who were unfriendly and had no intention of buying......just killing time trying on clothing and leaving tons of clothing in piles in the dressing room. And women who would order many items on line and return as many as 20 items.

Retail Sales Associate in Los Angeles:
Pros: Free snacks, water, and juice.

Retail Sales Associate in New York:
"Not suitable for anyone."
Pros: Flexible schedule.
Cons: Horrible management. Unorganized scheduling. No shift. 10hr "shift" and only 30min break. Stress inducing work environment.

Retail Sales Associate in St. Paul:
"Sales Associate."
Pros: Taking to and helping customers, working with a team.
Cons: Standing all day, unpredictable schedule.