Retail Sales Associate Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Retail Sales Associate?

Retail Sales Associate in Fairhaven:
Be eager to learn take pride in store ask for advancement.

Retail Sales Associate in Bloomington:
"If there were career advancement in the company."
Treat the customers respectfully.

Retail Sales Associate in Chicago:
Pros: I associate with different people, I love making people feel good about themselves as well happy.
Cons: Unsatisfied managers and customers.

Retail Sales Associate in Miami:
Pros: Costumer service. . the costumers with all the issues they got.
Cons: No oportunity to grow. The pay its no a good one..

Retail Sales Associate in Windham:
"It is good most of the time."
Pros: Working with my customers, management and co workers.
Cons: The coupons and price haggling with certain customers.

Retail Sales Associate in Homestead:
"Wal mart not figuring out that upper management n/trained."
Pros: Plenty of job oppertunity.
Cons: No one seems to know how too run the stores to make more profit.

Retail Sales Associate in Duluth:
"Painful Truth."
Location is key! If you want to earn money, make sure you pick a city that has a strong economy.