Retail Sales Associate Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Retail Sales Associate?

Retail Sales Associate in Englewood, FL:
"I am injured every day and treated like a beast of burden."
Pros: That I don't need to pay to be recertified and retested and I get paid for every hour I work.
Cons: Not respected and worry I'll be fired any minute since it is a at will employment. Being exposed to chemicals and toxins makes me worry about my health.

Retail Sales Associate in Tampa:
"Not horrible."
Pros: Most of the Staff are good to work with and its not hard to learn. Its nice helping people and the thrill of the sale is always fun.
Cons: Out-dated equipment and procedures make it almost impossible to keep up with inventory (Death by paper cuts). As old as this company is it should have gone paperless years ago; yet, most everything is still hand written or needing to be verified manually in redundancy. Lack luster monthly promotions, complicated rebates and no sales incentives leave one questioning the motives of Upper Management when product sales and quotas are demanded. The single fact that for all the duties and functions that are expected to be done of this position, having done all of the Required Training (plus some additional courses), completed a "mandatory" ONE YEAR term as a trainee and still be on the same compensation level as an entry level courier is slightly insulting. One might venture to say its degrading as it is necessary to remind (beg) management for the promised amount of compensation for position one has been filing.

Retail Sales Associate in Santa Cruz:
"Creativity in the workplace."
Pros: Knowledge based interaction with the customer. Creative environment.
Cons: Physically demanding at times. Pay scale too low.

Retail Sales Associate in Slidell:
Pros: Plants.
Cons: Internal cliques.

Retail Sales Associate in New York:
Pros: Get to meet new people all day everyday. Give fashion tips, find something a person would love and feel comfortable in.
Cons: Some of the rules.

Retail Sales Associate in West Bend:
"Hard working, Must care about peoples needs."
Pros: The people and activity of the store, helping people find the product.
Cons: The job is never really done, upper management seem to be disconnected and they forgot their roots.Pressure.

Retail Sales Associate in Asheville:
"Happiness waning."
Pros: Good benefits and good people to work with.
Cons: Low pay and unethical pay scale changes without adjusting all current employees based on the same criteria.