Sales Trainer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Sales Trainer?

Sales Trainer:
I would not suggest anyone take a job with this company. During my 2.5 years at StoneMor the company hired and fired 3 CEO’s, went through a company wide furlough and was sued by its own board. The culture is appalling. Employees display a lack of respect for management, no drug test required for employment (Drug use by employees is rampant), the turnover rate is extremely high and very few counselors make much better than minimum wage in part because of the quality of employee Stonemor tends to attract but also because of the company’s arcane view of sales commission. To be clear, this isn’t a write up from an angry former employee...I left on good terms and mostly enjoyed my time with the company.

Sales Trainer in Austin, Texas:
"Working at IBC Bank."
Pros: Being close to places to eat. Employment is available.
Cons: The traffic. Wages are stagnant.

Sales Trainer in Augusta:
"Could be better."
Pros: Easily accessible conveniences, diversity, large community.
Cons: Poor ethics, poor work habits, poor education, elevated illiteracy, high crime rate, high drug rate, high cost of living, long commute, difficult traffic.