Server Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Server?

Server in Chino:
"We are easily replaced so why would they listen to us."
Pros: I enjoy the people I work alongside. The diversity allows for so many different types of people. Finding ways to like or at least respect everyone is an ever changing roller coaster yet we find our common situation as servers as glue to bond us against our worst customers. Because no one escapes them we stand together shocked by the fact that tipping is still voluntary instead of just added to the bill. I enjoy getting to eat the food at discounted prices.
Cons: The fact that we never get raises, they don't care about giving 4 or even 5 tables in a 5 minute span. Sometimes you just need them to the wait 4-5 minutes to give you time to help the 3 tables I just got sat. Having managers who have never served or worked in customer service tell you how to be better than I am. Or on that same note micromanaging to the point where I would rather listen to a screaming baby than hear 1 more helpful hint or "better" way of serving my guests. I know when I am slacking and if I screw up I apologize and try not to repeat my mistake. I have been written up for not claiming what they say I made in tips. They are top heavy with a great product so employee concerns and only addressed if it is actually better to change, it makes them look good in public, or if it is nothing in need of change but they do it anyway to seem like our ideas actually matter.

Server in Chattanooga:
"Good job fun environment."
Pros: Friendly coworkers and managers laid back environment.
Cons: Hectic stressful rude customers.

Server in Canton:
"Serving the residents."

Server in San Francisco:
Pros: The customers, the work itself, my co-workers, and flexible hours.
Cons: Very poor quality management and the effects this has on the staff and business.

Server in Oxford:
"Western Sizzlin."
Pros: Food and making people happy!
Cons: Drama between the servers.

Server in Sacramento:
Pros: Leaving for the day.
Cons: Cutting my hours.

Server in Denver:
"Stress levels."
Be patient and perseverant, always have a smile in your face, and ask for help as need it, don't be shy to say I need help.