Server Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Server?

Server in Chattanooga:
"Good job fun environment."
Pros: Friendly coworkers and managers laid back environment.
Cons: Hectic stressful rude customers.

Server in Canton:
"Serving the residents."

Server in San Francisco:
Pros: The customers, the work itself, my co-workers, and flexible hours.
Cons: Very poor quality management and the effects this has on the staff and business.

Server in Oxford:
"Western Sizzlin."
Pros: Food and making people happy!
Cons: Drama between the servers.

Server in Sacramento:
Pros: Leaving for the day.
Cons: Cutting my hours.

Server in Birmingham:
"Not what you would expect."
Pros: The flexibility of my schedule, multitasking, being on my feet, meeting new people, building and maintaining relationships, training new employees, and team leading.
Cons: No guaranteed pay, period. Most of the time your entire hourly wage over a two week period goes straight to taxes. Since this is a tip based industry, it is assumed that a tip is a reflection of service. Some people aren't aware of the fact that we ONLY make tips very poorly or not at all. Some are aware and could care less, yet expect you to run circles around them throughout their entire visit. Also, when large groups of people (8 or more) come in, we can no longer add automatic gratuity to the check. Sometimes a group of 30 people will come in and take up your entire section for 2-3 hours without leaving you a dime. It's just part of the job. You win some and you lose some.

Server in Las Vegas:
"Fine Dining Restaurant Server."
Pros: Working in a restaurant where the average bill is $30-$50 is wonderful because guests usually tip very well on top of it. Very fast paced environment so time goes by pretty quick. Schedule is very flexible so it is great for students and other busy people.
Cons: Dealing with guests can be a pain in the butt. They often are unsatisfied with even the best of service and sometimes will enter the restaurant already wanting free food. If you have an early class serving might not be for you. Getting home really late and waking up early and sitting in a lecture can be overwhelming. The biggest downside I have with serving is relying on guests to pay my bills. I might walk out of the restaurant with $200 or I could walk with just $10. You never really know.