Service Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Service Coordinator?

Service Coordinator in Corvallis:
"Many multitasking duties and large workload."
Pros: I am able to help children in need
Cons: I can hardly earn an living

Service Coordinator in Fort Riley:
"Military Post."
Pros: Helping Military families
Cons: Not being able to do shopping where I work.

Service Coordinator in Huntsville:
"I love Huntsville, it is a growing city, and many areas are great to live in."
Pros: not face paced
Cons: Not enough job opportunities

Service Coordinator in San Bernardino:
"Would not live there."
Pros: Local
Cons: Lots of crime

Service Coordinator in Salisbury:
Pros: Casual atmosphere
Cons: Not much to do

Service Coordinator in Eden Prairie:
"Wage dispute."
Pros: The work atmosphere, and the people I work with and Flexibility.
Cons: Management not following through on certain aspects of there job. No yearly reviews.

Service Coordinator in Austin:
"Great city culture, busy and growning."
Pros: I like the city life here. Very entrepreneurial and opportunities are plentiful. It is a transplant city of which I am one being from San Jose, CA. I am very glad to be here in Austin and looking forward to putting down roots here.
Cons: It is growing rapidly and that adds to the traffic amid the limited infrastructure. The summers are pretty hot and humid but that can be overcome with A/C and a variety of water activities. Overall this city has little to bad in my estimation.