Training Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Training Coordinator?

Training Coordinator in Boise:
Pros: Determining my own solutions to challenges

Training Coordinator in Savannah:
Pros: Traveling to different areas in Georgia.
Cons: The pay is low and I have to travel. 3?weels our of the month.

Training Coordinator in Salt Lake City:
"Amazing Company Values."
Be flexible with your schedule Push to increase and improve performance Multitask Business Accumen Failure is not fatal Success is temporary Big picture thinking Drive results while improving Process and increase positive impact to business

Training Coordinator in Sparta:
"What It's Like."
Pros: I love the company. I really, truly do. I love the benefits I get and most of the people I work with. I see room for growth.
Cons: The thing that kills me is how weird the system is for reporting someone. If an associate is willingly breaking policy or even has an attitude problem, it's all reported the same. Most of the time, the person is spoken to but the behavior doesn't change. Then when reported again, management has stated they don't really care because you complain so much. If the person you report has seniority or is much older and closer to retirement, management will suggest finding another place within the store for you to work because you don't fit the mold. It's frustrating working in a culture that doesn't listen. When trying to grow a career, it's next to impossible without some type of connection or stepping stone to get there. If the job you want is a few levels above you, it might mean taking a job in between for a year or so to get there. This isn't always the case, but sometimes.

Training Coordinator in Overland Park:
"Coordinator? Nope. More like full-on Director."
This role is so much more than just coordinating a couple tasks. I control the destiny of several projects, from creation to implementation. This job requires so many dedicated hours, there is no way it could ever have been an administrative role.

Training Coordinator in Indian:
"Well prefer laboratory."
Pros: Discipline and cooperate well also give it to well response.
Cons: Paperwork is time consuming and sometimes it leads to high problem.

Training Coordinator in Houston:
Pros: Flexibility.
Cons: When my co-worker's talk down to me as if I am not on there level since I stay in the office and they are out in the field.