Training Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Training Coordinator?

Training Coordinator in Fremont:
"Company, work flexibility."
Pros: I love the company, the challenging culture, and the flexibility.
Cons: Non trustworthy boss.

Training Coordinator in Boulder:
"Never a Boring Day."
Pros: I love interacting with our Tier 1s and helping them understand concepts that make them more productive on the job.
Cons: Management does interact with the team, no strong direction or caring about team members' welfare, too much delegation going around; team members identify me as a team lead when they shouldn't; I'm not given enough opportunities advance my value to company, don't get to help develop or edit the knowledge base.

Training Coordinator in Fremont:
"Stress Level Is High!"
Pros: I like the creativity of the job. I like the ability to teach others.
Cons: The people I work with! They are rude, crude, and disgusting.

Training Coordinator in Los Angeles:
"A Great Stepping Stone To Learn About The Business."
Pros: The culture and support to their employees.

Training Coordinator in Las Vegas:
"Work flexibility."
Pros: I have the freedom to direct the training curriculum.
Cons: The lack of communication among supervisors.