Training Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Training Manager?

Training Manager in Chicago:
Pros: Commute.
Cons: The horn honking and rude people.

Training Manager in Fort Lauderdale:
"Lot's of things to do."
Pros: Sun, great lifestyle, great food, lot's to do.
Cons: Constant construction.

Training Manager in Toledo:
"Lead the field."
Be prepared to enforce standard to uphold the brand. You will need to influence others who may not see things the way you do.

Training Manager in Austin:
Certifications are important for credibility, but you have to alter what you learn for the system with which you are working.

Training Manager in Asheville:
Fortunately I have been a sales manager, a finance manager, and a floor manager. Prior to that I was a sales consultant. To effectively train, it helps to be cross trained. It gives you a clear perspective to all aspects of the business, and also allows you to be useful in these areas when you are not actually training.

Training Manager in Medina:
"Be Thorough."
Ensure you know everything about what you are talking about.

Training Manager in Chicago:
Always be on time. Always find the right solution for everything. Help each other as much you can to complete any task on the job. And safety is always first.