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Salary Range: Art Gallery Owner


Name: Angi Sullins
Job Title: Fantasy Art Gallery Owner (Duirwaigh Gallery)
Where: Atlanta, GA
Years of Experience: 10+
Salary: $100,000 range
Employer: Self-Employed

Art Gallery Owner Job Description:

I am the president of Duirwaigh, Inc., an inspired agency and fantasy art gallery. We represent artists working in fantasy art, fairy tale and mythopoetic art. Our agency acts as artists’ advocate in all business situations and is responsible for selling original fantasy art, publishing prints, calendars and books of such artwork, as well as licensing the copyright to other companies for usage on their products. Our goal is to provide inspiration and enchantment to the world while supporting the artists who create it.

What is your background?

I attended Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, but a college education did not prepare me for what I am doing. I have worked many jobs, the last of which was a physician recruiter – hiring doctors for hospitals and private practices across the US. But being a physician recruiter didn’t help prepare me either. What did?  A sense of passion and purpose, aligned with a stubborn single-mindedness to never again be in the confines of Corporate America, lots of nights without sleep, security or health insurance, and an abhorrence of working for anyone other than myself.

How did you become a fantasy art gallery owner?

I adore children’s storybook illustration and began communicating with some of the artists working in that field. I also began searching for unusual types of art: fairy artwork, fantasy artwork and gothic artwork.

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What do you love most about running a fantasy art gallery?

Working with artists keeps me on my creative toes. I also love the freedom and play involved in creating my own reality. My boss is kinda cool, too.

What advice would you give to those looking to start a fantasy art gallery?

Research, research, research. Like with any start-up, consider the costs of the undertaking before committing any funds. Knowing the marketplace as it pertains to the art you’d like to represent is essential. Also, be prepared. If you commit from a heart-centered place, mighty forces will come to your aid. Miracles happen ALL the time. But lots of those miracles slide in on the coattails of your sweat and tears. It’s not an easy business, but if you LOVE what you do, it can be the most rewarding use of your time.

What would be the typical art gallery owner salary range?

An entrepreneur’s salary range is going to vary, especially in the first five years. But they say if you can survive five years, you’ve outlasted most small business start-ups. The gallery and publishing industries are in a constant state of flux right now, due to the vast opportunities available online for artists to represent themselves with publishing software. But if you know your market, your audience, and provide a quality experience for your artists, an art gallery owner can expect to earn a salary range of $50,000-$100,000 per year, but truly, the sky is the limit. How much can you innovate? That will directly affect your salary range.

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