Best Community Colleges in New York by Salary Potential

There are many great two-year colleges in New York state. Find out which ones top our list based on graduate salary.

RankSchool NameSchool SectorEarly Career Pay
Mid-Career Pay
% High Meaning
% STEM Degrees
Rank:1School Name:Helene Fuld College of NursingSchool Sector:Private not-for-profitEarly Career Pay:$80,400Mid-Career Pay:$106,200% High Meaning:-% STEM Degrees:0%
Rank:2School Name:Belanger School of NursingSchool Sector:Private not-for-profitEarly Career Pay:$70,300Mid-Career Pay:$95,400% High Meaning:-% STEM Degrees:0%
Rank:3School Name:New York UniversitySchool Sector:Private not-for-profitEarly Career Pay:$70,300Mid-Career Pay:$92,900% High Meaning:72%% STEM Degrees:25%
Rank:4School Name:St. John's University-New YorkSchool Sector:Private not-for-profitEarly Career Pay:$58,500Mid-Career Pay:$92,300% High Meaning:-% STEM Degrees:11%
Rank:5School Name:Excelsior CollegeSchool Sector:Private not-for-profitEarly Career Pay:$67,400Mid-Career Pay:$89,400% High Meaning:77%% STEM Degrees:1%
Rank:6School Name:Fashion Institute of TechnologySchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$55,000Mid-Career Pay:$88,600% High Meaning:42%% STEM Degrees:0%
Rank:7School Name:Pace UniversitySchool Sector:Private not-for-profitEarly Career Pay:$58,100Mid-Career Pay:$86,500% High Meaning:65%% STEM Degrees:13%
Rank:8School Name:St. Joseph's College of NursingSchool Sector:Private not-for-profitEarly Career Pay:$61,000Mid-Career Pay:$85,700% High Meaning:-% STEM Degrees:0%
Rank:9School Name:CUNY New York City College of TechnologySchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$57,200Mid-Career Pay:$84,500% High Meaning:56%% STEM Degrees:23%
Rank:10School Name:St. Peter's Hospital College of NursingSchool Sector:Private not-for-profitEarly Career Pay:$61,100Mid-Career Pay:$83,800% High Meaning:-% STEM Degrees:0%
Rank:11School Name:College of Staten Island CUNYSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$58,800Mid-Career Pay:$83,600% High Meaning:43%% STEM Degrees:16%
Rank:12School Name:SUNY Empire State CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$55,800Mid-Career Pay:$82,100% High Meaning:68%% STEM Degrees:7%
Rank:13School Name:SUNY Westchester Community CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$52,100Mid-Career Pay:$82,000% High Meaning:58%% STEM Degrees:9%
Rank:14School Name:Farmingdale State CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$55,300Mid-Career Pay:$81,800% High Meaning:59%% STEM Degrees:11%
Rank:15School Name:Nassau Community CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$51,400Mid-Career Pay:$81,400% High Meaning:51%% STEM Degrees:4%
Rank:16School Name:Rockland Community CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$53,200Mid-Career Pay:$80,900% High Meaning:66%% STEM Degrees:8%
Rank:17School Name:Orange County Community CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$55,500Mid-Career Pay:$80,700% High Meaning:61%% STEM Degrees:10%
Rank:17School Name:New York Institute of TechnologySchool Sector:Private not-for-profitEarly Career Pay:$55,800Mid-Career Pay:$80,700% High Meaning:-% STEM Degrees:30%
Rank:19School Name:CUNY Queensborough Community CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$51,700Mid-Career Pay:$80,600% High Meaning:55%% STEM Degrees:11%
Rank:20School Name:Pomeroy College of Nursing at Crouse HospitalSchool Sector:Private not-for-profitEarly Career Pay:$61,100Mid-Career Pay:$80,500% High Meaning:80%% STEM Degrees:0%
Rank:20School Name:Mercy CollegeSchool Sector:Private not-for-profitEarly Career Pay:$56,100Mid-Career Pay:$80,500% High Meaning:61%% STEM Degrees:5%
Rank:22School Name:Hudson Valley Community CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$53,100Mid-Career Pay:$80,300% High Meaning:57%% STEM Degrees:10%
Rank:23School Name:Vaughn College of Aeronautics and TechnologySchool Sector:Private not-for-profitEarly Career Pay:$55,800Mid-Career Pay:$79,000% High Meaning:-% STEM Degrees:6%
Rank:24School Name:CUNY Kingsborough Community CollegeSchool Sector:PublicEarly Career Pay:$51,200Mid-Career Pay:$78,800% High Meaning:50%% STEM Degrees:10%
Rank:25School Name:Syracuse UniversitySchool Sector:Private not-for-profitEarly Career Pay:$55,100Mid-Career Pay:$78,000% High Meaning:-% STEM Degrees:27%

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