Best Undergraduate Art Schools by Salary Potential

Want to make a career out of your passion for art, but afraid of being a starving artist once you graduate? Check out design college rankings by graduate salary. [Read More]

Good news - you can study art without ending up as a starving artist. Just pay careful attention to PayScale's ranking of art colleges by graduate earnings for alumni who received their bachelor's degrees at the art and design schools listed above. Art school has a bad reputation for leaving heavily indebted grads with low-paying jobs, but some art and design school alumni fare pretty well in terms of post-grad salaries.

The Art Center, a design-focused private not-for-profit university in Pasadena, California, often produces alumni with high early career salaries, and the Pratt Institute frequently produces alumni with high median mid-career salaries.

In general, private not-for-profit art schools rank better in PayScale's College Salary Report than private for-profit art schools.

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