Wickenburg Community Hospital

Non-profit Community-owned Hospital.





Why PayScale?

They made the important decision to move away from grade and step to a market-driven pay for performance based pay system. They use Insight Expert to get fresh market data for all of their positions and the tools to help them easily manage their pay-for-performance model. In addition, the ongoing consulting services provided with Insight Expert has helped to get them on track with their compensation strategy and ensure that they stay on track throughout the years.

“I needed relevant, updated data, along with a compensation tool and help getting it all right. I trust PayScale since compensation is their only focus.”
Bill Horn, Director of HR

Pain Points:

Retain Talent
Motivate Employees
Improve performance

The Results:

Increased leadership’s confidence in HR

Now Wickenburg’s expenses are under control and their employees are motivated to perform well on their jobs, knowing that they will be better rewarded for their efforts. PayScale’s data has helped them track market changes and make sure they are staying competitive by retaining crucial talent. They as well helped constrain costs by allocating raise budgets according to performance and knowing the market value of all employees.

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