MarketPay helps Nestlé achieve their global commitment to separate gender and pay

MarketPay helps Nestlé achieve their global commitment to separate gender and pay

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Why PayScale?

The freshest and most accurate pay data on the market.

Integration with HRIS.

Advanced reporting with Tableau analytics dashboards.

A strategic partner to achieve HR goals.

Pain Points
Building reports to share with leadership teams and stakeholders
Finding the right market data
Less time for strategic compensation work

“When MarketPay came to us with the chance to be in the beta group for the equity analysis, we immediately signed up for it. Once we saw the process, it was easily refreshable based on our employee data, and we could – in an instant – get to an analysis that we could get into and not have to recreate the wheel every time.”

- Chris Lacey

The Results
PayScale helps organizations achieve their goals. In 2018, Nestle made a global commitment to separate gender and pay. “We are going to be a pay neutral company. As part of that, we’ve done tons and tons of analysis on pay and how gender is affecting pay. Knowing that that’s an every year commitment we’ve made, we have to make sure that we have a tool that is easily refreshable to look at the analytics behind how gender is impacting pay.” MarketPay is that tool for Nestle, and PayScale is that partner.

Customizable multivariate regression analysis on pay equity

Analytics dashboard for how gender affects pay

Easy to refresh with up-to-date employee data

Easy to report and share with stakeholders and leadership

Saved time for strategic activities

Nestle uses MarketPay to manage 53 surveys across 16 vendors

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