PayScale Helix



Building on a foundation of innovation that we developed 10 + years ago, PayScale introduces Helix, a blend of human expertise, advanced data modeling, machine learning, and ever improving matching and prediction algorithms to power faster, more accurate decisions on pay.

Helix is PayScale’s proprietary algorithm and thousands of sophisticated models that enable us to cover and report data on more jobs, surface more accurate matches and ingest more data than ever before.

Helix applies modern data science to the increasingly large data sets being used in compensation benchmarking, interpreting job skills and requirements, and predicting pay positions across geographies and other segments.

The power of Helix is applied to all of PayScale’s products and datasets. We are able to produce our data with depth and certainty; this is because of Helix.

Get the right answer every time. Helix starts with humans.
Helix is not just a robot, Helix is built upon our customers’ matching behavior, and our data scientists expertise. Human expertise inform the model resulting in higher levels of certainty and optimal accuracy.
Save your time for matching complex jobs, rely on Helix to match the rest.
Helix applies modern data science, and predictive algorithms to power faster, more accurate decisions on pay -- ultimately saving you time and friction when matching your jobs. Rely on Helix to auto match straightforward jobs, and provide a starting point for the more difficult matches.
Helix optimizes for what matters most. Salary data you can rely on, unique to your positions.
Built on a decade of of data and knowledge, Helix leverages a data driven approach to identify the key factors impacting compensation. By optimizing for the variables that matter most when pricing a job, have complete confidence that Helix’s salary estimates are relevant and accurate.
Leverage a unique data engine for more detail than ever before. Be confident in the first AI powering compensation.
Traditional data simply cannot access the level of detail present in our Crowdsourced data. Helix is constantly learning from all of PayScale’s supported data sources; Crowdsourced, Company Sourced, and third party matching behavior, and each source presents unique knowledge.
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