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PayScale Insight offers a modern compensation software that gives organizations the ability to track and analyze their comp strategy with fresh salary data.

Price and track a job in PayScale Insight

Price and Track a Job

Benchmark a position based on your job description, title, and compensable factors and price it to the market. Track trends by job or talent market in an easy-to-use solution.

Get Pay Right

At most organizations, compensation is the largest expense. Stay ahead of the curve. Fresh market data and analytics ensure your compensation strategy aligns with the overall business plan.

View Market Gap with PayScale Insight

Access Fresh Data

Leverage the world’s largest and most comprehensive database of salary profiles. Match unique or specialized positions to the market with the freshest data available.

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Have Confidence in Your Pay Decisions

Making pay decisions can be emotional and controversial. Be the expert at the table. Arm yourself with the data and analytics to defend your compensation strategy.

Compensation Software: Insight
Compensation Software: Insight Executive Summary

Communicate the Strategy

A successful compensation strategy includes the communication plan. Give executives a helicopter view of business metrics and create a culture of pay transparency with employees.

Build Scenarios

A key part of a modern compensation strategy is understanding not just what will happen today, but projecting the future strategy. Model what-if scenarios, experiment, and understand the potential impact of decisions. Project the impact of common HR events: various hiring strategies, opening a new location, managing a merger of acquisition, all in a private, foolproof environment.

Compensation Software: Insight

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