Pay Equity Road Map and Action Plan

Webinar Recording

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In today’s tight talent market, workers are choosing to align themselves with organizations with values that match theirs, and fairness is a value most workers identify with. Organizations which commit to examining their pay and rewards practices to ensure fairness will position themselves well in the war for talent. The opportunity that lays ahead is not about complying with equal pay laws. It’s to ensure that your workplace is fair to all workers and as a result, differentiate your organization as an employer of choice.

In this webinar, Tammie Walker — Founder of People Optimize Partners — will show you how you can get started. She will:

  • Unpack the concept of a pay equity roadmap
  • Discuss why it’s important to move beyond compliance, and to assess your pay and rewards practices
  • Highlight different approaches to addressing pay equity in the context of your organizational objectives
  • Outline the key components of a pay equity analysis
  • Provide an action plan for how to get started or assess your current approach

Pay equity is a familiar concept to most HR professionals. Not only are there new equal pay laws that organizations must comply with nationally and globally, workers themselves are demanding change from their employers. For example, workers in 2018 took to the streets and courtrooms to fight against perceived cases of pay discrimination (Google, Nike, Oracle). Not everyone may be getting the same opportunities and access to higher pay and career advancement.