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Depending on their marketplace demand, different types of workers enjoy better or worse salary offers year to year. How much have employers valued workers with certain skills, knowledge and abilities recently?

See PayScale's list of job categories ranked by wage trends and see which types of jobs are seeing improvement in wages overall.
Rank Job Category Q2 2013 Year-Over-Year
Percentage Change in Pay
1 Media & Publishing Jobs 4.5%
2 Sales Jobs 4.1%
3 Installation, Maintenance & Repair Jobs 4.0%
4 - Tie Art & Design Jobs 3.6%
4 - Tie Food Service & Restaurant Jobs 3.6%
6 - Tie Manufacturing & Production Jobs 3.5%
6 - Tie Information Technology Jobs 3.5%
8 Accounting & Finance Jobs 3.4%
9 Legal Jobs 3.3%
10 Human Resources Jobs 3.0%
11 Construction Jobs 2.9%
12 Science & Biotech Jobs 2.6%
13 Marketing & Advertising Jobs 2.5%
14 Architecture & Engineering Jobs 2.2%
15 Administrative & Clerical Jobs 2.1%
16 - Tie Retail Jobs 1.7%
16 - Tie Transportation Jobs 1.7%
18 Social Service Jobs 1.4%
19 Healthcare Practitioners & Technical Healthcare Jobs 1.3%

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Methodology for The PayScale Index: Trends in Compensation

The PayScale Index tracks quarterly changes in total cash compensation for full-time, private industry employees in the United States. In addition to a national index, it includes separate indices for specific industries, metropolitan areas, job categories, and company sizes. The PayScale Index uses 2006 average total cash compensation as a baseline.

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