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The PayScale Index (Canada) FAQ

What is The PayScale Index?

The PayScale Index measures the change in pay of employed workers over time.

What specifically does The PayScale Index measure?

The PayScale Index specifically measures the quarterly change in the total cash compensation of full-time private industry employees in Canada overall, and in the six largest metropolitan areas.

What geographic area does The PayScale Index Cover?

The PayScale Index covers employees from all seven regions of Canada. Additionally, The PayScale Index examines quarterly changes in the pay of employed workers in the six largest metropolitan areas, which are geographical areas defined by the Standard Geographical Classification (SGC; 2011 definition). The six largest metropolitan areas are determined by July 1, 2010 population estimates given by the Canadian Census.

How is The PayScale Index data collected?

PayScale hosts the largest ongoing compensation survey in the world. In exchange for a report detailing how their compensation compares to others in the market, individuals are asked to submit detailed, anonymous information about their jobs and workplaces. There are no offers, payments or other incentives made to individuals to encourage them to fill out a personal profile. Once data is submitted to PayScale it is reviewed using advanced, patent-pending algorithms to determine if the information is accurate and eligible for analysis.

How often does The PayScale Index come out?

The PayScale Index is released quarterly.

What can employers and employees learn from The PayScale Index?

Employers can use The PayScale Index to understand how trends in average wages are changing nationally and by metropolitan area. This information can be used to guide changes in mid-points of salary structures and grades, as well as give general guidance for pay adjustments for newly hired employees and raises for fully-qualified employees.

While The PayScale Index is useful for understanding broad market forces, for creating a market-based compensation structure for a specific workforce, we recommend companies use PayScale's Cloud Compensation Software.

Employees can use The PayScale Index to understand how the average market price (expected wages) for the services of broad categories of employees is changing. It provides an accurate measure of "typical" market price increases for fully qualified workers doing the same job in the same way for the same employer, as it is directly measuring the price of labor in the market.

Changes in individual responsibilities and competence over time often have a greater impact on pay than broad market changes. To get a more precise salary range for your exact position or job offer, complete the PayScale Survey and receive a free personalized salary report.

How current is the data in The PayScale Index?

Pay data is updated daily in the PayScale database. The PayScale Index measures quarterly pay trends and includes data through the end of the last month of the most recent quarter in the report.

Who is PayScale?

Creator of the largest database of individual compensation profiles in the world, PayScale, Inc. provides an immediate and precise snapshot of current market salaries to employees and employers through its online tools and software. PayScale's products are powered by innovative search and query algorithms that dynamically acquire, analyze and aggregate compensation information for millions of individuals in real time. Publisher of the quarterly PayScale Index™, PayScale's subscription software products for employers include PayScale MarketRate™ PayScale Insight™, and PayScale Insight Expert™. Among PayScale's corporate customers are organizations small and large across industries including Mozilla, Tully's Coffee, Clemson University and the United States Postal Service.