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Best Graduate Cities

College graduates are a commodity for urban revival, economic growth and the war for talent. Depending on their school or metro, graduates are more or less likely to move to certain cities. Regional metropolitan hubs are often effective at attracting college grads.
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Recession Wages: COVID-19 Questions & Predictions

Real-time data tells us that wages are slowing down, with sectors largely reliant on consumer spending being the worst hit. Historic recession data suggests wage growth will dip throughout the crisis and linger onwards until a lag period has passed and wages will recover.
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Equal Opportunity in the Workplace: Their Problem, Not Ours

Failure to recognize gender-based discrimination in the workplace remains an obstacle to achieving equal opportunity. Men demonstrate this short-coming at much higher rates than women do.
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Economic Trends: Reflections on 2019, Predictions for 2020

The employment numbers published Friday, December 6th was an effective synopsis of the past year of economic growth. U.S. employers added a remarkable 266,000 jobs (a number that is still impressive even after accounting for the 50,000 employees that went back to work as a result of the end of the General...
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Sponsors: Valuable Allies Not Everyone Has

Having a sponsor at work can accelerate your career, but not everyone has someone who will go to the mat for them. While having a sponsor pays a premium, the size of that boost depends on who your sponsor is.
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Biggest College Regrets

Most respondents to PayScale’s Salary Survey report having college regrets, particularly about their student loans. Older generations, those with higher education levels and those that studied higher earning majors had the lowest rates of college regret.
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Earnings Peak at Different Ages for Different Demographic Groups Data Visualization

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Earnings Peak at Different Ages for Different Demographic Groups

Men out earn women at the start of their careers. Differing rates of wage growth compound this wage gap, so that men and women see their wages peak at different times.
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Racial Wage Gap for Men

Men of color in the US have always faced income inequality. Today, 55 years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act banned pay discrimination on the basis of race, men of color still do not receive equal pay for equal work.
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What’s Driving Employee Disloyalty

Employees have spent less time at their current org than they have in the past. This may be bad news for employers, but it can be good for the economy.
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When Does it Pay to Learn Programming Languages?

Having programing knowledge can pay, but some skills are much more valuable than others depending on the language's current stage in its useful lifecycle.
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The Price of Doing Good: Measuring the Nonprofit Pay Cut

Nonprofit workers will accept lower pay because they believe that their work makes the world a better place--but how much of a “discount” do nonprofits get?