Account Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Account Manager?

Account Manager in Salt Lake City:
Pros: Flexible, fun, different, it changes every day.
Cons: Stress, it is up to me whether we succeed or fail.

Account Manager in San Francisco:
Pros: Meeting teachers. Making connections.
Cons: Weird hours. East coast hours. Things.

Account Manager in Louisville:
Pros: Location, Owners, Co-workers, Insurance in itself.
Cons: Co-workers, structure, professionalism, technology, procedures.

Account Manager in Culpeper:
"Office Conditions."
Pros: I love that I have a casual dress code and make my own schedule as long as it is 40 hours every week.
Cons: I hate that I have no support from my company at all and have never met my boss in person. Also hate that my boss' boss informed me that I should be making more but has done nothing about it. As well told me my degree was not as important as I would think.

Account Manager in Jacksonville:
"Account Manager."
Pros: I enjoy working in a fast pace high volume atmosphere where there are daily task to be completed and communicating the work load in equal distribution the team is important.I have to set a professional tone as I meet daily with my peers of Managers and Administrators.
Cons: Dealing with the culture and corporate management gives me the flexibility to grow to the next level.

Account Manager in Redmond:
"One Year Review."
Pros: Work flexibility, corporate culture, working with non-profit clients.
Cons: Low salary, very little employees.

Account Manager in Charlotte:
"Good small company that is "growing""
Pros: Management is accessible and actually listen to suggestions and feedback. I like the group of people I work with. Office is very nice and we have a gym on site.
Cons: Expectation to constantly be on the phone. Taking time off around the holidays is discouraged/not fun for me because of the significant increase in workload at the end of the year. Returning to work after being out is miserable due to "dedicated" AM structure.