Account Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Account Manager?

Account Manager in Boston:
Pros: Work flexibility, office conditions, the management, ability to have my hands in all aspects of the business.
Cons: Work long hours, feel under paid for level of workload.

Account Manager in Seattle:
"Little room for growth, decent pay and benefits."
Pros: Great, enthusiastic young professional work environment with great work perks and benefits.
Cons: Leadership is lacking or non-existent, very cliquey and little direction for managers or team leads.

Account Manager in Chicago:
"Long Hours No Pay."
Pros: Professional sports team. Provides a great entry into the field.
Cons: Long hours and get nowhere near minimum wage.

Account Manager in Plymouth:
"Why we should be Salary."
Pros: Working with our customers to grow our business.
Cons: Would like to be salary based - not hourly.

Account Manager in South Bend:
Pros: Flexibility. Great benefits.
Cons: Holidays are stressful.

Account Manager in Logan:
Pros: Money, and the ability to be goofy.
Cons: It's a completely meaningless job.

Account Manager in Macomb:
"Lots of Hours."
Pros: You get a fair amount of freedom in setting your own schedule.
Cons: Pay is for a 40 hour week and the job can only be completed working a minimum 50 hour week. Some seasons require up to 100 hour weeks to complete necessary work. Raises are non-existant and COLA are minimal. Bonus is low for profession. Performance demands are high.