Account Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Account Manager?

Account Manager in New York:
"Trying to find out more."
Pros: I love the product and the design. I love my upper management team and those on the same level.
Cons: Culture is immature and childish. Executives take advantage of people.

Account Manager in Lancaster:
"Being an Account Manager."
Pros: Everyday is different.
Cons: Client issues.

Account Manager in Bend:
"Corporate culture and city of residence."
Pros: Great co-workers, easy going atmosphere, can bring dog to work, kegerator and fun after work events.
Cons: Low pay, the feeling of not getting much respect from leadership.

Account Manager in Milwaukee:
Pros: Flexible hours, Faith in the product/service, Autonomy, focus on relationships (Business Development), company pays for memberships to multiple chamber groups, I get to work with people, yet still find time for myself. No micro-management.
Cons: Empty Authority to implement change, lack of management support, not enough paid time off,

Account Manager in New Port Richey:
"Ok at Best."
Pros: I like the contact with customers. I generally enjoy everyday being different. Meeting new people is great.
Cons: No teamwork. Training is non exsistent. There is no room for growth. Goals are set that cannot be acheived.

Account Manager in New York:
"It's Been Great! Not Really Into Advertising Though."
Pros: The company - great music, great camaraderie, there's a beer cart. It's a great atmosphere.
Cons: I don't get proper guidance, I make a lot of mistakes, I'm not really into advertising but it pays the bills and there will always be a job.

Account Manager in Omaha:
Pros: I love the ability to work with clients on a varying degree of projects and tackling the hard jobs clients need the most help with.
Cons: I do a lot of budget/profitability/invoicing work that could be taken by a larger accounting department. As an account manager, we are often the scapegoat of anything negative and get blamed for many things that are not our fault.