Account Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Account Manager?

Account Manager in Seattle:
Pros: Great bosses, positive work culture, small business, interesting work.
Cons: Stressful, over 150 accounts, difficult business partners.

Account Manager in Santa Barbara:
"Payscale comparison."
Pros: Creative control. My work is impactful and benefits people inside and outside the organization. Great working atmosphere. Healthcare is relevant in today's society.
Cons: It can be very disorganized, chaotic as a former startup.

Account Manager in Orlando:
Pros: Young colleagues, corporate culture, sponsored breakfast.
Cons: Stress level, pessismistic management, poor communication and structure.

Account Manager in San Diego:
"Always exciting."
Pros: The day goes by very fast!
Cons: It is a very high stress job.

Account Manager in New York:
"Account manager."
Pros: Client interaction, delivery.
Cons: Sales.

Account Manager in Tylertown:
"Account Manager."
Pros: Being a Floor Tech, payroll being a roll model for the other employees showing them what and how to do things having meetings and doing projects.
Cons: The most least thing is when I have to write someone up, because their not doing their job or having to fire them.

Account Manager in New York:
"Motivated and Fun Team."
Pros: The job is dynamic and there is some variance in daily tasks and responsibilities. Company culture is hardworking, but fun and approachable. Clients are primarily responsive and good natured. The company is filled with inspired and talented young professionals.
Cons: There is some lack of internal communication which leads to a lack of trust.