Account Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Account Manager?

Account Manager in Rochester:
"Casual Culture."
Pros: Casual Dress. Genuinely interested in what I do.
Cons: Low compensation. Little room to advance.

Account Manager in Herndon:
"High Stress Level, Wear Multiple Hats."
Pros: My customers and accomplishing my customer's mission within their organization.
Cons: I wear many "hats" and have to help other's with their own job.

Account Manager in Seattle:
Pros: Great bosses, positive work culture, small business, interesting work.
Cons: Stressful, over 150 accounts, difficult business partners.

Account Manager in Santa Barbara:
"Payscale comparison."
Pros: Creative control. My work is impactful and benefits people inside and outside the organization. Great working atmosphere. Healthcare is relevant in today's society.
Cons: It can be very disorganized, chaotic as a former startup.

Account Manager in Orlando:
Pros: Young colleagues, corporate culture, sponsored breakfast.
Cons: Stress level, pessismistic management, poor communication and structure.

Account Manager in San Diego:
"Always exciting."
Pros: The day goes by very fast!
Cons: It is a very high stress job.

Account Manager in New York:
"Account manager."
Pros: Client interaction, delivery.
Cons: Sales.